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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Game: Flash Fire

New Finger Pattern Game: Flash Fire™

My son and I are having a lot of fun with a new game that we invented. I have even started using it with my students. We like to call it "Flash Fire" because it sounds fun and you have to really flash your finger patterns fast.

This game helps him with patterns that are a little harder for him to remember. We use all different the combinations to make a number. For example I could flash a six as a three and three, four and two or five and one. He loves to Flash Fire me at any moment. He might Flash Fire while running through the house or while sitting at the dinner table.

How to Play Flash Fire:
Flash a finger pattern at your child as quick as you can.
2. Ask them "What pattern did you see?" and, "How did you see it?"
3. If they get it correct, then it is their turn to Flash Fire and you tell them what you saw (the total number of fingers) and how you saw it (the two numbers that make the total).
4. If they get it wrong, hold out the pattern you made and have them count your fingers to see the correct answer or they can make the pattern on their own fingers and count it.

Video: Game of Flash Fire

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