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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fire and Write

Fire and Write: Fun with Chalk

Looking for a fun way to work with your child on writing their numbers? Get some sidewalk chalk and have fun with this great activity. Sidewalk chalk is a fun tool for writing numbers while having fun with different colors and writing surfaces.

Many young children write numbers backward, upside down or with the incorrect technique. Getting down at their level and writing numbers with them helps them learn how to make numbers and you to see what numbers are hard for them. A good example is when my son was making his six starting at the bottom and ending at the top. I showed him how to make a six correctly and then he practiced making six in different colors and sizes. Then I asked him to circle his favorite six, which he really enjoys -circling his "best" number. We started with one to ten and next we will work up to the teen’s family.

Making eight on his own and practice with eight

Game: Fire and Write

1. Flash a finger pattern to your child.

2. Have them write the corresponding number with the chalk.

3. Try flashing the same number a different way. Example: first number you flashed was eight, five and three. The second eight you flashed is four and four.

4. Take turns with who fires and who writes.

5. Circle your best numbers.

Playing Fire and Write any age can play

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